Very much Untitled

Very much Untitled

Very much Untitled
Broom handles, paint, gaffa tape, rescued flag pole holder. 2011

Craig Barnes
As You Wish

Jan Toroopstraaat 35
7 May – 22 May

Outpost presents their latest exhibit from their ‘artist-in-residence’ Craig Barnes. Opening this weekend, the show promises to deliver some exciting work in the form of installations, photography and more. Barnes describes his method: ‘My work is a response to the artifice and idiocy, glory and magnificence of modern living, that takes heed of tradition, art history and critical theory. If occasionally belligerent and contrary, it is not intended to be nostalgic.’

Barnes’ inventive and unorthodox use of materials and inherent playfulness with form, colour and structure are present through all of his work – be it collage, sculpture, drawing or photography. While the irreverence might not be intentional, his work mostly comes with a hidden smile, and perhaps a wink, as he strips away the blandest of vistas and reveals what might be buried beneath.