Change The World Or Go Home
Ghazaleh Abassalian, Steven Allbutt, Craig Barnes, Tom Crawford, Jeremy Deller, Sean Dower, Jeremy Hutchison, Mark McGowan, Mark Titchner, Charlotte Young, Hennessy Youngman
Curated by Craig Barnes

17th May – 20th June 2012
Solent Showcase, Southampton

What is an artist’s role in society? Are they passive observers or revolutionaries? Or both? Or neither? In the exhibition Change The World Or Go Home at Solent Showcase, artists are exploring their place within the world, some in more challenging ways than others.

Traditionally, the role of an artist was very clear cut; talented young artists were employed as apprentices and taught the ‘trade’. Today, the artist’s role has changed, it is much more open and much more ambiguous and many artists can struggle to find their role and purpose.

There is a natural tendency to turn to art to tell us about our world and our influence upon it. Art can bring many disparate ideas together in one place, it can make connections and allow us to think in new directions. In Change the World or Go Home the artists are predominantly asking questions – about society, authority, about art itself. In a rapidly changing society, it does seem that artists are well placed to ask difficult questions, to challenge the status quo and make comments that others cannot, are unable to, or even do not want to, ask.