How to Look?
The Hut Project, Thorsten Knaub, Craig Barnes, Townley & Bradby
23rd June 2009 – 22nd July 2009

For our inaugural project, Project Space 11 has invited four artists to respond to the question: ‘How to Look?’

Project Space 11’s prominent and visible position within a busy market brings into question how contemporary art can be accessible to a wider audience, and how artists can provide a key or tools to assist the audience in engaging with their work.

This has long been a concern for visual artists, the notion that there is an over arching ‘thing’ to ‘get’ often dissuading the viewer from engaging with contemporary art.

“The problem lies in the word ‘understanding’ and its many levels which cannot be restricted to rational analysis. Imagination, inspiration, and longing all lead people to sense that these other levels also play a part in understanding. This must be the root of reactions to this action, and is why my technique has been to try and seek out the energy points in the human power field, rather than demanding specific knowledge or reactions on the part of the public. I try to bring to light the complexity of creative areas.” Joseph Beuys 1965.

This project does not wish to dictate meaning, but instead aims to illuminate audience engagement with artworks, while emphasizing that there is no one ’correct’ approach. The work produced is more of an open ended, playful pondering of ways of looking, rather than a demonstrative gesture.

Craig Barnes
Are we there yet? (An act of the Utility Sculpture Scheme)
Wednesday 7th July – Saturday 10th July & Wednesday 14th July – Saturday 17th July.

Arriving with a library of accumulated redundant materials from his own studio, Barnes will utilise the project space as a temporary test site for making sculptures that attempt to capture the fleeting moment of their creation, do apt justice to the history of their component parts, whilst questioning what these moments might stand for and what they can convey, if anything.

Week one: Barnes will be resident in the market unit; transforming Project Space 11 into an active artist’s studio.
Week two: Project Space 11 will exhibit the outcomes of Barnes’ residence.