Lack (30cm) (2011)

Lack intends to both commiserate with, and celebrate the commodification of minimalist sculptural form into one of the ultimate embodiments of our present consumer age of cheap and mass produced items – a bestselling Ikea product. Appropriating low resolution JPEG images of the Lack shelf range from the Ikea website, the series of three fluorescent posters attempts to drive a schism between the commodified entity and what could be interpreted as its inspiration, in an effort to see what ground can be reclaimed from the world of product, by distilling a sense of a products true qualities via cheap disposable mass produced fly posters.

Exhibited at:
Change The World or Go Home, Down Stairs, Herefordshire, 2011
Next to Nothing, The Light, Leeds, 2011
Next to Nothing, +44 141 Gallery, Glasgow, 2011
Change The World or Go Home, Solent Showcase, Southampton, 2012
Marketplace, Division of Labour, Malvern, 2012

To date, only public frontage display of work at Division of Labour, Malvern, resulted in numerous complaints from local residents and bodies. Full details at File Room