This is the one that shows nothing at all

980 This-is-the-one-that-shows-nothing-at-all-pt1

981 This-is-the-one-that-shows-nothing-at-all-pt2

982 This-is-the-one-that-shows-nothing-at-all-pt3

Stills from video. March 2008.

After too long of process process process, production gets knocked from its perch in favour of a pause for reflection. A film set for nothing to overtly happen. An awkward gallery space that is bordered along one side by windows to the street, a lift and a library to the other, and facing an office, it is traditionally used as a show and tell scenario for concrete things. Having nothing physically concrete, nor nothing I wanted to tell, I took the opportunity to try and reflect upon the impending end of a particular period of production that occurred in a strange place in a distant land.

Like much of my practice the work was temporal in a primary sense, and therefore the photographic and filmic intentions for the piece were its driving force, which define the make up of the piece, and also, pleasingly, seemingly confounding those who came upon it. It wasn’t made for them, like too much that had gone before had been.

Working title: No wow.