The Utility Furniture Scheme (1942-1952) was conceived during the second world war, as materials, like food, became scarce, furniture and other non consumable objects became pre-ordained in form, and rationed.

The Utility Sculpture Scheme (2008-) asks the question is there not enough ‘stuff’ in the world to go round as it is? And if there is, could we not configure it to differing uses over time, using the most economical means of gesture possible?

The most recent enactment was in 2010 at Project Space 11, Plymouth, as part of their exhibition How to Look? For 4 days using only objects, materials and unfinished works that I had brought from my own studio. All were selected for use in this show because I’d kept them all thinking that they would be useful at some point in the future, but until now had yet to find that use.